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PARSA Beauty Hair care set, 2 pieces
PARSA Beauty Hair care set, 2 pieces
The hair care set consisting of a care brush and hair turban gives the hair suppleness and shine.
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Simply beautiful hair with PARSA Beauty

Compared to flat irons and curling irons, curlers are a practical and inexpensive alternative to electronic styling tools. They come in different sizes, colours and materials. There are e.g. B. the self-adhesive hair curlers made of plastic or metal, which are covered with a Velcro material. Neither hairpins nor clips are necessary to fix them. Adhesive curlers are therefore easy to handle when attached to the hair and can be safely removed from the hair. Depending on the diameter, the Velcro curlers are suitable for every hair type and hair length. They can also be used with dry or damp hair. The models made of metal, such as. B. our thermal curlers, heat up very quickly and give off the heat quickly and evenly to the hair. At the same time, the winders cool down very quickly. So you don't have to keep the little helpers in your hair so long to get the perfect wave. For some, this process is largely unknown. Therefore, a little digression on the topic of "shaping hair": For long-lasting curls or constant volume, you first have to blow-dry your hair and heat it up, then let it cool completely. Your hair should be completely cool so that your hair can stay in shape. If you want to speed up this process, you can also cool your hair down with cold air (e.g. using the cold air button or level on the hair dryer). You can compare the hair styling process with glass blowing. Glass can be molded as long as it is hot. It is the same with hair, only at 185 ° C instead of 1,200 ° C (as with glass). This is why this point is also called the glass transition phase, which generally describes the temperature at which material changes from a hard or brittle state to a malleable or plastic state. As soon as you have reached the desired shape, let the hair (or glass) cool so that it "hardens" in this shape. - End of excursion. If you want to leave the curlers in overnight, it's best to use our soft curlers. These adhesive wrappers are so soft and comfortable to wear that they conjure you up overnight, waves and volume. And if you like beach waves, you can use our papilots. Their narrow and flexible shape create small, messy waves. Simply turn narrow strands onto the papilotte and curl up at the hairline. Blow dryer heat is not absolutely necessary with these hair helpers. Thanks to their soft nature, they can also be worn for sleeping. The next morning you have perfect beach waves with no effort.