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PARSA Vita Gesichtsreinigungs- & Peelingbürste
PARSA Vita Gesichtsreinigungs- & Peelingbürste
Die Gesichtsreinigungs- und Peelingbürste eignet sich für eine vitalisierende und gleichzeitig porentiefe Reinigung.
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Eyelash applicator
Eyelash applicator
Ideal for applying false eyelashes quickly and easily
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PARSA Beauty Neo Mint brush set, 6 pieces with storage
PARSA Beauty Neo Mint brush set, 6 pieces with...
Neo Mint brush set, 6 pieces
12.99€ *
PARSA Beauty Black Edition nose and ear scissors
PARSA Beauty Black Edition nose and ear scissors
Thanks to their rounded tips, these nose and ear scissors are ideal for safely trimming nose and ear hair.
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The right tool for every make-up trend. The make-up brushes and beauty accessories from PARSA Beauty make applying make-up even easier and more precise.Perfect make-up can only be achieved with the right make-up aids. The choice is huge. Whether make-up brushes, make-up sponges and applicators, tweezers or other cosmetic accessories, the selection of tools is diverse to create a flawless make-up.

Here you will find a wide range of make-up brushes that will help you to create a beautiful look. We have the right brush for every application and every part of the face. Discover in our online shop contour brushes, brushes especially for highlights as well as brushes and applicators for your eye make-up.

To apply your foundation, it is best to use our make-up sponges. With them you can easily apply your foundation evenly. The make-up sponges, thanks to their soft texture, conjure up a completely natural complexion, without any mask effect.

For perfectly plucked eyebrows, a variety of tweezers are waiting for you in our PARSA Beauty Online Shop. They remove unwanted hairs quickly and easily and make your eyebrows shiny. If you are afraid of the pain of plucking, there is no need to be afraid. With good tweezers and the right technique, you can reduce the pain to a minimum. The right technique is actually quite simple. It is important to always pluck in the direction of growth and to tighten the skin a little bit. Cool the skin with some ice after plucking.

Our beauty range is completed with all kinds of cosmetic accessories. These give your make-up the final touch. This includes, for example, our eyelash curler. This gives your lashes the right curl. The eyebrow shaper brings your eyebrows into the perfect shape. And so that your brushes are always ready for optimal use, we have our unique brush cleaner for you. It cleans your make-up brushes thoroughly in no time at all.