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Simply feel good with PARSA Beauty

The gentle peeling effect frees the body from dead skin cells and the skin remains smooth and fresh. The connective tissue is tightened and even cellulite can be prevented.

We are not talking about some new "miracle cure", but about a completely natural body massage. Natural products such as the Luffa massage pad are particularly suitable for this. Loofah sponges are also called "washing gherkins". The reason: Although they are cucurbits, they look more like cucumbers because of their long tubes with a rough surface. The main growing areas are in hot regions such as the Arabian Peninsula, Africa, India, parts of Asia and Australia. After harvesting, the sponge pumpkins are dried and are sold as massage, peeling and bath sponges. They are also used in wellness products such as massage gloves or pads for facial massage. As purely natural products, loofah sponges are particularly skin-friendly.

But how do I massage my body properly and what should I consider when choosing massage products? The be-all and end-all of a massage is that it should be beneficial. When you buy a product, you can quickly test whether the material is perceived as pleasant by simply stroking it over the back of your hand. Hard brushes or wiry, brittle utensils made of artificial material are not part of a good massage. They can hurt or even injure sensitive skin. The idea is wrong that only hard, clearly perceptible scrubbing stimulates the blood circulation. In fact, a massage that is adapted to your personal sensation and performed with light pressure is always pleasant and invigorating. Even softer surfaces and light stroking are enough to stimulate the blood circulation of the skin. For a soothing massage it is recommended to work in circular movements from the hands and feet to the heart. Applying skin tightening creams and warm oils after the application can positively influence and strengthen the result.