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PARSA Beauty 1 Paar Baumwollhandschuhe / Zwirnhandschuhe
PARSA Beauty 1 Paar Baumwollhandschuhe /...
Der Wellness- & Pflegehandschuh sorgt für ein sanftes Peeling und eine anregende Massage am ganzen Körper.
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Simply feel good with PARSA Beauty

We will show you why you should not do without it at all and how to use the peeling glove correctly.

1. The peeling glove smoothes and gently cleanses the skin: the fibres are fine enough not to attack the natural skin barrier, but coarse enough to remove dead skin cells, sun cream, mosquito spray, sweat or chlorine. Our tip: Simply buy several. Put one glove in the shower at home and put one in your gym bag. So you always have one ready.

2. a peeling glove makes it easier to shave the skin afterwards. Rubbing with the exfoliating glove softens the stubble and makes it look nice. This makes it easier to catch hairs growing back when shaving. Important: Please do not shave first and then scrub over it with the peeling glove directly afterwards. This would irritate the skin too much.

3. an exfoliating glove prevents ingrown hairs. If you use the peeling glove every time you shower, you minimise the risk of ingrown hairs and pimples. Scrubbing loosens dead skin cells that cover the hair follicles and prevent fresh hair from growing out clean.

4. the body lotion is better absorbed after the peeling glove. Freshly peeled skin that is free of old skin flakes can better absorb the moisture and active ingredients of a body lotion. One no longer has the feeling that the body lotion is somehow only lying on the skin. Tip: For the extra smoothing effect, massage in a firming product now.

5. a peeling glove is cheaper than any body peeling. After an exfoliation with the glove you don't have to clean half the bath, as is often the case with body peelings from a tube.

How to use the peeling glove correctly?
Very simple: lie down in the bathtub or get in the shower. It is important that the skin is slightly softened before use. When taking a shower, it is best to start by washing your hair. The foam running down prepares the skin optimally for the peeling glove. Then simply apply a small blob of shower gel or cleansing oil to the peeling glove and rub your arms, legs, feet, stomach and shoulders in circular movements. Last tip: Do not use on the face or neck! The glove is really only intended for the insensitive skin on the body.