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PARSA Beauty Flexibler Hornhautschwamm
PARSA Beauty Flexibler Hornhautschwamm
Ideal zum Entfernen von Hornhaut und Schwielen. Nass- und Trockenanwendung möglich. Nach dem Gebrauch mit Wasser reinigen.
7.99€ *

Simply feel good with PARSA Beauty

In addition, the visual appearance should not be neglected - the sponge should not only keep its promises, but also be an eye-catcher in the bathroom.

The first question you should ask yourself is: What do I want to achieve with the sponge? Peeling, massage, skin tightening, bathing fun or simply cleaning and care? A combination of the properties is of course also possible.

Cleaning and care
The soft sponge, natural sea sponge and bath tuff are particularly suitable for deep cleansing and gentle care of the skin. With their help, cleansing and care products can be optimally lathered and perfectly distributed. All three are suitable both for a short shower in the morning and an extensive foam bath. One of our absolute highlights in our sponge assortment is our soap sponge "Foam Party", which promises absolute fun in the shower. Just put a soap of your choice into the sponge and the fun can begin.

Peeling and massage: If you want to achieve peeling and massage effects in addition to cleaning and care, it is best to choose the massage sponge, the 2-phase bath sponge, the peeling and massage tuff or the peeling and massage sponge. During application, the blood circulation is stimulated, the circulation is stimulated and dead skin flakes are gently removed.

Skin tightening: For a massage including effective skin tightening effects - as the name suggests - the skin tightening sponge or the peeling and skin tightening tuff are particularly suitable. The special surface structure has a positive effect on the skin and achieves a visible improvement of the skin structure when used regularly.